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Heather Bailey

Hi. I’m Heather and this is my van, Gwenevere. I’m currently based out of North Carolina while I build out Gwennie for full-time #vanlife. I live by the phrase “Fearless and Free” and now that Gwenevere is my ride or die… “Vereless n Free” was born. Traveling and helping people are my biggest passions. On my Vereless N Free podcast, I help people overcome fears, chase their dreams, and experience freedom. Check it out!


Vereless N Free Trailer | Take Risks. Overcome Fears. Experience Freedom. Live Your Dreams.

The Vereless n Free podcast is for the dreamers and wanna-be risk-takers who are ready to push outside of their comfort zone, choose freedom over fear, and live Vereless n Free ("Fearless & Free").



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