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Vereless N Free Trailer | Take Risks. Overcome Fears. Experience Freedom. Live Your Dreams.

Vereless N Free

The Vereless n Free podcast is for the dreamers and wanna-be risk-takers who are ready to push outside of their comfort zone, choose freedom over fear, and live Vereless n Free (“Fearless & Free”).

Do you chase your dreams? Or do you live in your comfort zone fearful of taking risks?

We all have dreams. On the Vereless n Free podcast we encourage you to chase them! On this podcast we share real stories of people who have taken action to bring their dreams to life. Join, host, Heather Bailey as she has meaningful conversations with those who have chased their dreams, taken risks, overcome fears, and experienced freedom. We talk about travel, business, alternative lifestyles, faith, family, hobbies, and much more!

We aim to provide practical tips and advice to help you make your dreams a reality. We get real and talk about fears, failures, success, and the freedom that follows.

Heather is a world traveler, adventurer, dreamer, risktaker, Enneagram 9 Peacemaker, business owner, vanlifer, and child of God. She also skates, surfs, snowboards, runs marathons, and trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She has worked on a private yacht, at a beachfront resort in Hawaii as a Lead Concierge, and for a private airline.

In this trailer Heather shares the beginnings of her desire and curiosity to see the world. On her own, she made it happen by saving her babysitting money when she was a teenager. As she experienced the world and other cultures, she began to realize life should be more than sitting in a cubicle, working 40 hours a week, and only earning 2 measly weeks off per year. It’s been her dream to avoid that “normal life” all costs and to live a life of adventure, experiencing the beauty of the world, and sharing it with the people around her. You’ll hear her share some of her fears during the early days of traveling solo, how she overcame them, and how that experience has opened the door to freedom and opportunities.

Enjoy! We hope you find encouragement and take the small steps that will help you live your dreams.

Say hi! Have a dream to share? Need encouragement? Don’t know where to start? Want to connect? Have a guest recommendation?
Connect with the host, Heather Bailey:
On IG: @vereless.n.free
Also on IG: @heatherfheather
Website: VerelessNFree.com


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